SEO Pros & Cons of Using WordPress

It’s important to consider SEO friendliness and functionality when evaluating a content management (CMS) for your website. There’s definitely pros and cons for SEO to what you use to build your website. Using certain frameworks and platforms will bring inherit SEO challenges. But most CMs platforms offer SEO features, settings and options. Here’s some of […]

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Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Many small businesses and recent SEO initiates don’t have a huge budget for fancy tools and software subscriptions. And sometimes even seasoned experts need to operate on a shoestring of funds. Thankfully there’s plenty of great free SEO tools available for you to use! Check out my top 10 free favorite SEO tools, first here’s

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How to Link GSC to GA4

Looking to integrate your Google Search Console data into Google Analytics 4? Here’s a quick how-to guide: Reports from integrating GSC with GA4 You will get access to two new reports in Google Analytics 4 after linking your Search Console property. These reports are: Once your properties are integrated, these reports will appear under the

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Will GEO Become The New SEO?

TL;DR – Generative AI experiences (or engines) could largely replace search engines in the future. If so, generative engine optimization (GEO) could become the new search engine optimization (SEO). Could Gen AI replace search? As more people use a particular technology it becomes imperative for businesses to be found on that platform. When the internet

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