About Nuaveu LLC

Nuaveu (pronounced “new-ay-voo”) is a fully remote digital marketing company providing search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics services to clients in the United States. Nuaveu LLC is registered with the State of Michigan effective August 2nd 2023.

Nuaveu is as an “organic-first” marketing company, meaning that we will always encourage our clients to maximize the benefit of owned and earned media before spending a penny on paid media. It’s our belief that paid ads are over recommended and over used by ad agencies and marketing firms simply due to the financial incentive. Our goal is to break that trend and build more meaningful relationships with our clients. Our vision for Nuaveu is to grow from a small marketing company focusing on SEO & analytics into a full-service marketing firm.

Mission Statement & Values

Our mission is to increase the visibility of our clients’ digital properties through ethical and effective organic-first marketing strategies. Our values are:

  • Transparency – We’re always transparent about the work we do, how we do it and the prices we do it for
  • Dedication – We’re incredibly dedicated to our craft and the clients we work with
  • Compassion – We’ll always show compassion to those we work with and the communities we work within

Founder Bio

Nuaveu’s Founder, Ken Freel, has a decade of experience in the SEO industry and over 12 years in digital marketing (as of Q3 2023). He began his career at a small startup doing copywriting and SEO for local businesses. Ken quickly worked his way up to more senior roles at ad agencies supporting larger clients including publicly traded companies and nationally recognized brands. Most recently, he served 4 years at General Motors (GM) as their sole internal SEO subject matter expert. Ken Freel founded Nuaveu LLC after voluntarily resigning from his position at GM in the summer of 2023.

Ken Freel’s SEO experience runs the gamut, but he has spent much of his career specializing in website migrations/redesigns and international SEO. He has had the opportunity to support clients in virtually every vertical, but he is an expert in automotive SEO having spent almost half his career supporting leading automotive brands (both in-house and from the agency side).

In addition to his experience in SEO, Ken has also been certified in Google Analytics since 2016 and has provided analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) support to enterprise-level clients.

One of the most exciting projects of Ken’s career was working with Google on testing 3D/AR search results for automotive while serving as GM’s SEO. Explore Ken’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Additional Info

We have a variety of social media accounts registered, but we are only going to actively use:

View our privacy policy for information about the data we collect and how it is used.

Learn more about the services we offer at Nuaveu or contact us today for a free quote!

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