Google Analytics Consulting & Support

Nuaveu offers a wide variety of Google Analytics auditing, implementation and management services.

Google Analytics 4 Setup & Management

Looking for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) support? Look no further! The Nuaveu team is Google Analytics 4 certified and ready to help. All our on-going monthly management services include setup and reporting in addition to being customized to our clients’ needs.

Enjoy the benefits of GA4 with our services

Gain better insights and power-up your digital marketing efforts with:

  • Event-based tracking – Monitor a wide range of user interactions with GA4’s new event-based data model
  • Better cross-device tracking – Get a unified view of user activity across platforms and devices
  • Predict metrics – leverage machine learning capabilities and let GA4 predict user behavior trends and optimize accordingly
  • Improved ecommerce tracking – gain more insights into what’s driving your ecommerce revenue
  • And much more!

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Support

Improve the agility of your web analytics implementation with a Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup from Nuaveu. Our GTM services allow you to enjoy the flexibility of a reusable tag container and faster page load speeds without incremental technology costs. Google Tag Manager can help with customizing your tracking implementation without making changes to your website.

Universal Analytics Migrations

Did you miss the July 1st deadline to switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4? Nuaveu is here to provide guidance and support! Our team has the skills needed to effectively transition your web analytics setup to the latest version. Although a perfect migration isn’t possible due to the new data model, we’ll make the move as painless as possible for your business.

GA4 & GTM Audits

Not sure about the state of your web analytics? Gain an understanding of your current setup with a Google Analytics audit from Nuaveu! We have the knowledge necessary to dissect your UA and GA4 implementations and recommend improvements. Not sure if you still need that decade old tag in GTM? We can help clean up your analytics!

Reporting & Dashboards

Nuaveu offers a plethora of reporting options for our clients including customized monthly reports and automated dashboards in Looker Studio. Need a custom GA4 report or a dashboard to pull together multiple data sources together? Ask about our advanced reporting solutions!

Getting Started

Contact us today to get started with your Google Analytics setup! We’re here to help with:

  • Establishing an analytics strategy
  • Creating your GA4 property
  • Implementing the tracking code
  • Setting up events
  • Configuring reports

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