Google Analytics 4: Analysis & Reporting Services

Nuaveu is a full-service Google Analytics 4 provider offering data analysis, custom Looker Studio dashboards and monthly reporting services.

Keyword & SEO Analysis

Nuaveu specializes in coupling Google Analytics 4 with SEO services. As such, we pride ourselves in our ability to analyze keyword data and provide meaningful insights. While Google Analytics 4 doesn’t track keyword data by itself, our experts can help you link to Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Ads to get it included. Whether you’re just curious in your top search queries or need an in-depth keyword cannibalization analysis – Nuaveu has you covered!

User Behavior

Get an in-depth look at what your website users are doing and what drives them to convert! Our expert analytics services will give you valuable insights into what users are engaging with – and what’s missing the mark. Identifying bottlenecks and dead-ends in your users’ journey could mean the difference between a visit and a sale!

Cohort Analysis

Cohort exploration in Google Analytics 4 allows you to gain insights from the behavior of groups of users with common characteristics. Find your perfect target market and learn what content they are engaging with our expert services. By working with a Nuaveu analyst you can learn about the performance of similar users with common attributes.

Custom Looker Studio Dashboards

Tired of being left in the dark on your website performance? Get a custom designed dashboard to stay up-to-date! Our custom Looker Studio dashboards are great for getting the most from your Google Analytics 4 and Search Console data. Visualize your data with a variety of SEO, ecommerce, GA4 and other types of custom Looker Studio dashboards. Trust us for your next analytics dashboard project and enjoy ownership of your own custom template and tutorial on how to use your dashboard.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Get a deep dive into your website analytics each month with our on-going reporting services! We can help you uncovered hidden issues and opportunities to improve your website. Make your digital marketing more effective and increase user satisfaction through insights provided by Nuaveu.

Contact us today for your free quote on GA4 analysis, custom dashboards and/or monthly reporting services!

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