Disallows & The Future of AI

TL;DR – Robots.txt disallows could become a big deal in the generative AI era. Tools like ChatGPT rely on crawling the web, like a search engine, to improve their models. But more and more sites are blocking them with disallows. Why Robots.txt directives are important for AI ChatGPT and other generative AI results might look

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Comparing the Top Free AI Image Generators

I did something unique this holiday season with my significant other. We had some time to burn on Christmas Eve and ended up spending it generating funny holiday themed AI images. I’m not sure it will become a holiday tradition, but it was definitely a novel experience. It also inspired me to compare the top free AI image generators (using mostly NYE theme prompts).

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Will GEO Become The New SEO?

TL;DR – Generative AI experiences (or engines) could largely replace search engines in the future. If so, generative engine optimization (GEO) could become the new search engine optimization (SEO). Could Gen AI replace search? As more people use a particular technology it becomes imperative for businesses to be found on that platform. When the internet

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laptop with code on the screen

Info Quality May Vary

Search engines like Google and Bing are able to sidestep legal liability for their search results because they present third-party material. Will that change as AI-powered experiences take centerstage? Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) Search engines are just tools that reflect the internet and society as a whole. While the right to

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