SEO Starts with Content Strategy

Experienced SEOs repeat it all the time – “you can’t rank for what you don’t talk about.” If your website content doesn’t mention a topic or keyword, odds are you won’t show up on Google for it. If you want your website to show up for a competitive keyword then you’ll need to do more than mention it. You’ll need to create unique content that demonstrates you’re an expert on that topic. This is why it’s particularly important to start your SEO initiatives with a content strategy.

Google’s shift from backlinks to E-E-A-T

While some debate the efficacy of listening to Google’s statements about ranking factors, it’s clear that they’ve shifted from focusing on backlinks to content quality over the years. This is especially evident in their PR statements regarding the recent helpful content algorithm updates.

Consistently publishing unique, relevant and engaging content is arguably the most important search ranking factor. Building links is still important, but modern SEO strategies should prioritize content creation that embraces E-E-A-T guidelines. Creating a content strategy that demonstrates your organization or business’s experience, expertise, authority and trust on a given topic is paramount to your SEO. Furthermore, executing on that strategy and creating content that engages users will build credibility.

Building credibility instead of doorways

SEO is about more than achieving rankings, it’s about enhancing your brand’s authority and credibility. Sure, being found on Google is great – but being found for something relevant to your business and providing a good user experience is even more important. Ensuring that your content addresses the user’s need should always come before trying to get that content visible.

Building your brand through great content is the best way to ensure long-term SEO success. Creating a series of low-value pages with the sole purpose of ranking on Google, also known as doorway pages, is a recipe for disaster. This tactic is often ineffectual and can even be harmful, despite working well for some in the past. Google wants to reward “people-first content” and their algorithm updates will continue to reflect this more and more.

Research, create, measure & repeat

So, you know great content is important for building your brand and improving SEO – now what? The best way to consistently publish great content is to embrace the cycle of researching, creating and measuring. Content creation is a cycle, not a sprint. Researching what your target audience is looking (i.e., via keyword research) for isn’t necessarily a guarantee for success. Engaging in discovery and doing research is absolutely necessary, but taking in feedback and analyzing results is equally, if not more so important. Engaging in a little trial and error while carefully measuring results is the only way to perfect your content and SEO.

Starting out on the path to creating content can be daunting. Just remember to start your SEO efforts with an effective content strategy that demonstrates your experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Contact Nuaveu today if you need help with your SEO and/or content strategy. Our ability to create content that embraces E-E-A-T principles will take a bite out of your competition! (OK, I’ll see myself out now)

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