Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is a critical component to any effective SEO strategy. While it might seem like table stakes to some, doing keyword research correctly can make all the difference.

Our data-driven approach to researching keywords and topics that your target market is looking for is second to none. We use industry leading tools and techniques to uncover opportunities and provide meaningful strategies based on them.

Custom tailored solutions

Tired of working with SEO agencies that send long lists of keywords with little context? Us too, that’s why part of the reason Nuaveu was founded – to take a new approach at providing SEO services.

Our highly personalized and tailored approach to keyword research will ensure you have actionable insights for improving your organic search traffic. Our keyword research services are available ale carte and with monthly retainer-based SEO services.

Competitor keywords

Curious what the competition is doing? We have you covered! Our experts can help unearth what keywords your top competitors are optimizing for. We can help you understand what your real-world competition’s SEO looks like – and help you learn what competitors in search results are worth keeping an eye on.

SEO strategies for topical authority

While no one outside of Google’s engineers know exactly how topical authority works – our SEO experts can make it work for you! Our SEO strategies are designed to help you become a leading authority in search results for your area of expertise.

Our keyword research includes not only which keywords to focus on, but how to structure your site and content to optimize for them.

YouTube keyword strategy

Need a keyword strategy that does more than inform web page optimizations? Work with an expert SEO at Nuaveu for all your YouTube keyword needs! We utilize all the best free and paid tools to inform our keyword recommendations. Enjoy the benefits of working with an SEO that has experience scaling YouTube optimizations for enterprise-level clients. We’re here to help whether you need a template for optimizing new videos or a roadmap to optimizing existing playlists.

Amazon keyword research

Most people typically think of Amazon as an ecommerce platform, but it’s also the world’s third largest search engine. Optimizing your product pages for the keywords users are search for can increase your brand’s visibility and sales. Find untapped markets, improve targeting and gain a competitive edge with an Amazon keyword strategy from an expert at Nuaveu.

Learn to do keyword research

Nuaveu also offers training and workshop services to help marketers and business owners do their own keyword research. Whether you’re looking to make the most of your paid SEO tools or utilize free ones – we can teach you all the tricks of the trade.

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